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Name: Amrityu

A tired rebel Amrit returns to his village after four years of serving a losing cause. He tries to pick up where left off, but he sees people stop conversations at his sight, he hears whispers and spies stares and pointed fingers, and it troubles him. As he tries to fit back in while making an honest living, he realizes the daily drudgery of life. He doubts if coming back was the right decision. Does Amrit find hope? Faced. with fear of what life brings and courage to , overcome it in his quest. Producer(s): Nabamika Borthakur Writer(s): Sibananda Kakoti Cinematographer(s): Arup Manna Editor(s): Kuldip Baruah Sound Designer(s): Manash Hazarika Music Composer(s): Manash Hazarika Production Designer(s): Nabamika Borthakur

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